Be the best you can be

Be the best you can be

With this Eminence in the best (1), Baltasar Gracian warns us of the need to be different to stand out and be appreciated by others. Something surprisingly new, even for our time. His appreciation is that for the Prudent Man, there are only two ways: Differentiate ... or survive in the background.

Be the best you can be

Aphorism 61: Eminence at its best

A great uniqueness among the plurality of perfections. Hero can not aver that he does not have some sublime end: mediocrities are not a matter of applause. The eminence in relevant employment takes from a vulgar ordinary and raises to the category of rare. Being eminent in professión Humble is to be something in the little; what has more than what is delightful, has less than the glorious. The excessive in advantaged matters is like a character of sovereignty: it asks for admiration and conciliates affection.

The initial phrase, of a lapidary nature, could undoubtedly having prefaced the text of Jack Trou t, a world-famous current writer, who among other magnificent texts has written: Differentiate or die (2). Today, everyone accepts that differentiation ( the great singularity between plurality ), is the decisive tool in Marketing and Sales. Being perceived as the fastest, the best, the most reliable, the most " what is well perceived and appreciated " by the public, allows the company to position itself as the main actor, thus displacing your competitors, and win more sales.

Repair the reader on the advantages of differentiation, at a time of over-exiting real estate, all very similar. Only those who possess or achieve a great uniqueness among their competitors, remain.

Also - « Can not aver Hero ( 3) that does not have any extreme sublime » No one who does not have any uniqueness, stands out among its competitors. No one who is not preeminent in any aspect or characteristic, differs from those around him. And for that reason without that extraordinary facet, its presence - in the market and in life - will not be valued: - « mediocrities are not a matter of applause.»

To be or to be in a mediocre position-to be a mediocrity, that is, to be of the average, to be of the heap, to be of those who do not distinguish themselves from others, it only leads to little, to what vulgar ... at the bottom of the barrel. On the contrary, being an eminence in the task entrusted to us, takes us from the bottom, from the pile, from the wrong side of the road and raises us to the category of the rare, of the scarce, of the valuable, of the glorious. strong> . - « The eminence in relevant employment takes from a vulgar ordinary and raises to rare category.»

Nótese that Gracian does not demand of the Prudent Man the dedication to the most sublime, but to everything to which we can dedicate ourselves. Also, in the less prestigious trades, we can highlight. - «Being eminent in professión It is humble to be something in the bit; It does not matter in which sector of business we are or what profession to perform, because even in the little, we can differentiate and highlight.

Finally, Gracián points out the consequence of the possession of great and precise knowledge in the matters that interest in our performance or business: we will be admired and desired by those who request our services. - « Excess in outstanding subjects is like a character of sovereignty: it asks for admiration and conciliates affection.»

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(1) Eminence: In addition to the honorary title it plays - Eminence is the treatment given to the cardinals of the Catholic Church-, here must be taken as the action of excel, blunt, overcome, not go unnoticed ... With this aphorism, Baltasar Gracián encourages us to be the best of what we can be.

(2 ) The text of Jack Trout et alt., Differentiate or Die , is a must for the reader who wants to excel in the market. See in Pyramid Editions. Madrid 2009. We strongly recommend to every entrepreneur, the acquisition and immediate devouring of this text. And to its authors we suggest, the reference to Gracián in future editions of his work.

(3) Hero: Probably, today, Gracián, would have written business leader, entrepreneur, politician, etc., instead of Hero.

(4): This aphorism with his comments, was published a few years ago, more briefly, in the number 15 - -, from my magazine More and Better Real Estate Sales.

The original text of the aphorism presented ( Aphorism 61: Eminence in the better) has been extracted from the First Edition of the Manual Oracle and Art of Prudence, by Baltasar Gracián, published in Huesca, Aragón, in 1647. it is presented with the original spelling. Book scanned by Google Books. ( If Gracián is not known to the reader or if he had not read it before, immediately repair this absence and get this text from Gracian. (Other works are harder to read, but not) And for Of course, read it and meditate on its wisdom, I have already told you before but now I repeat, the venerable and ancient Gracián, could pass for an excellent mentor for the sellers of today . See, for example, the edition by Emilio Blanco for CATEDRA, Letras Hispánicas.)

(5) The image used is a fragment of the one found in Wikipedia , which, as we read in it, is an anonymous author's picture, found in Graus, a locality and Spanish municipality of the Ribagorza, in the province of Huesca. In that, it appears as an image of D.P. From this image a fragment has been taken, and passed through the pencil effect of Photofunia . We thank everyone for using this image.

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