Council of Philip II of Macedonia to his son Alexander

Council of Philip II of Macedonia to his son Alexander

I suggest you reflect on the wisdom of government that a "barbarian" king (1) transmits to the son who would later come to be known as the Great, for the enormity of his conquests.

« Philip of Macedon doctrined his son Alexandro, persuading him with this teaching: Before succeeding me by nature, try to acquire them with the docile of the treatment, the love of the vassals; and thus you enter to possess them, as owner of the wills, which is the firmest stability of the scepters. " (2)

Use the" docile "deal to lead others, seek the voluntary appreciation of the subordinates before the tax. That's the key to leadership.

The advice can not be more true ... or more cunning. We must always look for the governed to feel good with their governor because if not, their crown - their position, their business - will be in danger. It is the consent of the citizens that holds the Power that reigns over them. Other forms, have given the bad results in the long run.

But is this applicable to today? Or is it a thing of the ancients?

We, even if we do not lead large armies, we usually direct commercial equipment instead, so our position is also in danger if the returns are not those expected by the Directorate. . We can also expect the flight of the best commercials, because nobody wants to be under the orders of a despot or an incapacitated person. And neither can expect great performances or results, a team demotivated by the harshness or arbitrariness of the leadership of its leader. Remember the old Castilian saying: « You get more with honey than with ice l."

Reflect on this matter. If you have problems with your people, think about how you treat them first. Then, we will have to see more things, but the first thing is to follow the advice of the Great.

I am afraid that to a large extent, in our real estate agencies, the excellent direction of their commercial teams is a pending issue (3 ).

In any case, if you are managing a commercial team, do not forget this wise advice from Philip II the Great , father of the greatest, Alejandro .


(1) The Macedonians were considered barbarians by the educated Athenians of southern Greece.

The anecdote refers to Philip II (382-336 BC) (that) he was king of Macedonia from 355 BC. C. until his death. He was the father of Alexander the Great, and his exploits paved the path of glory traveled by his son. It is possible that it was also from Ptolemy I Sóter, founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty (in Egypt) . See:

Many other things said Filipo to his son Alejandro but perhaps the best of his filial works was to provide him with a luxury preceptor: Aristotle .

The real importance of Filipo II

strong> has been obscured by that of his son, but the king father was a great ruler. I am going to suggest reading an article of The Basque Mail where you will find a vision of this king, very interesting. See:

(2) I found this little historical pearl in the text : Delay of the Discretion. Edited " in comfortable size to be able to be carried in the pouch ", in the printing of Antonio Sastres. Barcelona 1807. And I bring it here under the archaic and beautiful form found in the book. See pgs. 86 and 87.Represents the combat of Alejandro against the Persian king Darius III in the battle of Issos (current Turkey ), battle in which the Greek army was the winner. We thank both organizations for their courtesy in allowing the use of this image.

PS: In this section, which we inaugurated with this postcard, we will bring various anecdotes from History that will make us reflect on different aspects of our work and life current . This will not be a collection of historical anecdotes but a set of current reflections on them, which will allow us to improve our daily Sales work.

Miguel Villarroya Martín/Madrid/Spain/RdP.001/October 21, 2015

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