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The dog and its reflection in the river

The dog and its reflection in the river: Aesop, the author of the fable that we bring here today, warns us in it about several dangerous behaviors for the Man and that nevertheless he frequently undertakes. It says so (1): "A dog with a piece of meat in its mouth went through a ......

Knowing Deny Not everything has to be granted

Knowing how to deny is another aphorism of Baltasar Gracián that seems to have been written for us real estate sellers, which as it will be seen, although it is of general application, is an especially useful advice for us. See here the original aphorism: Saber negar, by Baltasar Gracián Aphorism 70: Knowing how to deny Not everything is to be granted, nor ......

The meeting of the two writers

Read carefully this note that I found, in one of its editions of 1834, in The Instructor (1). I think it will make him laugh ... although the best thing would be to make him think. And the best. that the two things happened to him: The story says thus: The two writers Coincidentally coincided in a way two subjects ......

Who does not know how to shut up does not know how to sell

1 Who does not know how to shut up, does not know how to speak ... and does not know how to sell Traditional knowledge indicates that: "Who does not know how to shut up can not speak" and is of dark origin (1) It is sometimes attributed to Pythagoras of Samos, but in the attached note I indicated many other ancient origins. And of course, if you place yourself in the sought after ......