Failure is a blurry, magical mirror

Failure is a blurry, magical mirror

The blurred mirror is an old story of sellers in which it is said that, when they asked a salesman, who had become a billionaire with his work in Sales, what was the cause of his success, he told them that he had reached the summit because I had once been lucky enough to find a magic mirror. Before the disbelief of his interlocutors, the successful entrepreneur continued saying that his career had started badly, very badly, with abundant failures and that it continued for a long time ... until he found the mirror that, from that moment, made everything change; concluding, that it was the "magic" of the mirror that made him really succeed.

Before the unleashed curiosity of the journalists who interviewed him, he went on to explain that the magic of the mirror was that every time he failed In a commercial operation - I wasted the sale - he looked in the mirror. And that only saw his image reflected clearly when the seller knew, in addition, why he had specifically lost that sale. On the contrary, when he did not know it, the mirror always showed his distorted image. In this case, the future millionaire began to inquire why, when and how he had done or failed to do something during the sale process that had led to his loss. That is, I tried to know in detail why I had lost -exactly- that sale.

Many "magical" objects have a name and, although you must have guessed by now, that mirror was: Learn from Failure . Note that, after each unsuccessful sale, the millionaire began to persecute, isolate and reflect on the causes of his defeat. And that he did not stop doing it until he found and understood them. And when it was clear, he stopped "looking in the mirror", that is, thinking about defeat. And he promised himself not to fall back on the errors detected.

This use of failure as a teacher is not new and has its roots in the remotest antiquity. Since then we know that the error is one of the keys to the success ... if rising again after a defeat, the individual returns to the task once again. And although it is clear that man is the only animal that stumbles two or more times on the same stone, it is also overwhelming the number of men who improve their performance after a series of defeats. Remember the classics: Win the one who perseveres.

And those of our time. The great and forgotten H.N. Casson said that the experience was a cruel teacher since first he punishes you and then teaches you the lesson . True, true, but to pass the course - we added we- we have to learn that lesson. Not only do you have to be in class and listen to the teacher, you also have to study the lesson and change, with the acquired knowledge, our future behavior.

This story also reminds us of current real estate commercials that do well at a given time we may not know or apply certain sales techniques -and hence the cause of many of our failures in it- detected the evil, we must be prepared for his healing. Knowing the causes of the error or failure must be remembered and use that knowledge the next time we are in a similar situation of sale.

Reflect on the causes of it, learn from failure, is an excellent rational advice that it will take you to success just as it did to the multimillionaire seller of the story.

I say goodbye to the Roman: Follow Health ... also suggesting that you do not forget this story and that, whatever you do Whatever results, keep learning continually of your mistakes ... and also of others.The rational path advises acquiring different capacities or sales skills through specialized training that is necessary. Look for the appropriate specialized courses for it. They will seat you very well and you will be able to see yourself again in the mirror without any blush and your image will be returned to you with all clarity. Success will come back when you know why it did not work out what should have done it. And the way to that state of efficiency in the sale ... is called professional training.

(2) The free image used has been taken from Pixabay , where it appears as Public Domain :, being its author the brilliant illustrator photographer, Geralt . We are grateful to both of you for your courtesy in allowing the free use of this image.

Miguel Villarroya Martín/Alcobendas/Madrid/Spain/LdF.001/22 October 2015

PS A lighter version of this story was published years ago in the digital magazine More and Better Real Estate Sales . And also in some of my previous websites. And I suppose that, although I have counted and recounted it in countless sales meetings in one form or another, I will continue to do so, because I increasingly believe in its transforming power and in its character as an initiation tale. I think it's a genuine Power Mirror . So I suggest you quickly find your "magic mirror" - it's easier now that you already know what it's really about. And use it in your Sales work. Success is the promising, bright, hidden side of failure.

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