Feel with the least and talk to the most

Feel with the least and talk to the most

If Baltasar Gracián is always current, today, in the heat of debate about Security and Freedom, going against the current is as dangerous today, as it has always been. See what the teacher tells us about this.

Prudence in expressing our opinions

Aphorism 43: Feeling with the less and talk to the more

- « Want to go against the current it is as impossible to disappoint as easy to danger. Only a Socrates could undertake it. It is wrong to dissent, because it is to condemn the legal age. Multiply the displeased, either by the accused censored, or by the one who applauded him. The truth is few, deception is as common as vulgar. Not even to speak in the square is the wise man to be taken out, for he does not speak there with his voice, but with that of common foolishness, even though it is denying his interior. As much escapes to be contradicted the sane as to contradict: what is soon to the censorship is stopped to the publicity of it. The feeling is free, can not and should not violate; retreat to the sacred from its silence; and if perhaps it is allowed, it is in the shadow of few and sane. »

It is well known that Going against the current, almost It is always dangerous. Only when the current is very light can you walk safely against it. Our society has established a series of taboos that if transferred, the penalties of hell fall, implacable, on the transgressor. And yet: There will always be haughty snow/that see the ermine mount/and humble water that works/in the mill dam . (1) Wanting to go against the current it's so « impossible to disappointment -sometimes there will be rebellion over the established order- quanto easy to danger -there will always be victims among the rebels- Only a Socrates could undertake it . » (2) And if it happened to Socrates - a moral authority among his contemporaries - imagine if the wheels of Power caught you.


Unless it is a critical and vital issue for you , DO NOT get involved in any crusade , do not fight against the prevailing thinking in society, Well, we already know that the truth is not usually found in the public square. Do not get into discussions on topics that are not radical and for which you do not have firm data. Almost no one comes out with good, in going against the current generally accepted things.

Gracián warns us of the negative consequences that can come from the criticisms we express publicly, both of those directly affected by them as well as their admirers, of opposing ideas and of those who have expressed them. - «It is wrong to dissent, because it is to condemn the old age.» Remember the pejorative judgment that usually involves the idea of ​​a dissident. - « Multiply the disgusted, either by the censored suitor, or the one who applauded him. »

Gracián distrusts what is counted in the public square - today we would say, in the mass media - and even points out that these published information could be contrary to what the communicator really believes. Learn by heart his magnificent phrase: - «" The truth is of few and the deceit is as common as vulgar. - «So much escapes from being contradicted the sane as from contradicting» . Just discuss what your moral conscience requires. And still remember the Aragonese saying: Where there is no gain, Secure loss .

Gracián also advises the prudent man , to the sane, that neither criticizes nor gives option to the critic and warns to him of the rapidity and danger that can have in its public expressions. - «what is soon to censorship is stopped at publicity della.»

See also this current reflection on the difference between what we feel and what we should express in public . - «Feeling is free, can not and should not be violated; retreat to the sacred from its silence; » The above is not the same as not defending our opinions on really important issues, but only doing so, either alone, to clarify our internal position on the facts, or, under the protection of the friendly shade of the few sane people with whom we relate. Prudence is not scarce, never, the teacher tells us. And we can always express what we really think when we are in friendly territory: - «and if perhaps it is allowed, it is in the shadow of few and sane.»

And in real estate?

Remember the reader what the Rational Real Estate Sales tells us: the salesperson must never express personal opinions in the sales interviews, about topics different from what is being discussed, because any different expression that does not coincide with the opinion of the possible buyer, can make the sale lose its rebound. Neil Rackham offers in his text SPIN SELLIG, some interesting verifications about this bad habit of some vendors. (3)

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(2) This phrase refers to the Death of Socrates. This philosopher rebelled ... and was sentenced to death. See this extraordinary story in: where the reader will find a great explanation of the just one.

(3) HOW TO SELL HIGH INVESTMENT PROPERTY. Neil Rackham. Editorial Norma. Bogotá Colombia.

(4): This aphorism with its comments, was published a few years ago, more briefly, in number 14 - October 2007 -, of my magazine More and Better Real Estate Sales.

(5) The original text of the aphorism presented (Aphorism 43: Feel the least and talk to the most ) has been extracted from la First Edition of the Manual and Art of Prudence Oracle, by Baltasar Gracián, published in Huesca, Aragón, in 1647. And it is presented with the original spelling. Book scanned by Google Books.

(6) The death of Socrates ( La Mort de Socrate ) is an oil painting painted in 1787, by French artist Jacques-Louis David . It has been taken from Wikipedia , where it appears as a DP image Thank you for it!

Image source of cover.

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