Get back up after a fall

Get back up after a fall

To rise again after a fall is an old proverb that sometimes expresses itself saying that if you fall seven times you should get up eight . I have seen this phrase written in several different ways, in very different sources. And its origin, like all moral reflections, is uncertain, attributing its appearance sometimes in Japan, again in China and others, in different countries or cultures, and there is even a biblical reference referring to this. (1) (2)

Proverbs 24

... 15 Do not stalk, oh wicked one, the abode of just do not destroy your resting place; 16 For the righteous falls seven times; and rise again, but the wicked will fall into misfortune. 17 Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not cheer your heart when you stumble; ...

There are more places where you will find interesting thoughts that present different reflections on the value of getting up again after a fall. And to them we refer the interested reader. (3) (4)

Our interest in this aphorism is not historical or religious but comforting. A failure, a fall, can be terrible but if it has not killed us, we will have to fight again.

Can you imagine what would have happened to him if, as a child and he fell while trying to walk, he did not know Would I have lifted? NO, of course it was getting up! And he did it as many times as necessary until he was able to stand up for as long as he wanted. The failures knock us down but like the little child he was, do not hesitate to get up even if it hurts the fall.

Maybe now he does not have the help of his parents to raise him, but now he has a mind adult who is there to remind you that the past can not be modified anymore, that you have to assume the consequences of what happened and that the future is not written. You are the writer of your destiny. Go up, then!

And if you need help getting up, ask for it, do not assume you will be denied. There are plenty of good people around you - and some sharks; swim away from these and approach those who can help you when you need it.

And do not forget to act accordingly: helping as many as you can. Probably nobody will thank you but you will know that what you have done is fine. And that's not only necessary, it's more than enough.

2 For us real estate sellers

Failure, falling, is inevitable in a sales career. So forget it: staying on the floor is not an option. After each lost sale you have to get up and continue. And give one thing for sure, it will have many defeats, it will fall many times more. That is consubstantial with the office we have chosen. But there is something that old sellers warn and that the generic saying must complete. Getting up and walking-running-after the next operation is not advisable. This will only put him at risk of falling again and perhaps for the same reasons that caused him to stumble the last time.

When he has fallen -when he has lost a sale- he must get up with his pockets full . Full of knowledge of the causes of his fall. And if this is achieved, the sales experience warning says that the number of subsequent drops will be decreasing. We have already talked about it, here (5) so we summarize it: After each unsuccessful sale, after each fall, we must stop, reflect, judge and decide on the causes that concretely led us to failure on this occasion. And that knowledge will allow us to reduce the risk of the next fall. So as you get up, do not lose sight of the obstacle that has caused you to fall to decide how you are going to draw next time.Spain/LdF.017/


(1) See Parallel Bible.

(2) On this site the extraordinary career of Lasse Virsen (Olympic Games of Munich, 1092), which exemplifies in an extraordinary way the courage to rise after a fall that seems deadly, is told. Read it, you will like it.

(3) See in the digital The economist : "If you fall seven times, get up eight", the attitude that in the opinion of a successful executive, must have entrepreneurs.

(4) See the web: Falls seven times, get up eight .

(5) See for example: The wound without close and The blurred mirror.

(6) An earlier version of this postcard was published in the number 29-February 2009-, of my magazine More and Better Real Estate Sales.

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