Listen to your luck, it will go better

Listen to your luck, it will go better
Where is the Luck?

Listen to your luck. Often, when we think of Luck, we think of it as a distant thing that, after some concrete and almost miraculous event, will suddenly appear to place us in a much better position than the one we had before the occurrence of that unchaining event./p>

We always assume that Luck is far away and that it is difficult to find it. We also tend to accept things such as that the more we run after the luck, the more it moves away from us. Luck is not sought, we are told, but it is found; it is not called, but we respond to its call; it is capricious and does not bend to our desires; it appears when it wants and resists being possessed.

Fortunately, we also find ourselves with contrary opinions, like those in which we are warned that we have more luck the more we work; that Luck-Fortuna-smiles at the bold; that if you want it, you have to go for it: that Fortune is not given to the lazy one but to the one who actively goes towards it.

I even said goodbye to some of my Navigation Letters (1) with a phrase similar to: Walk (or navigate) to Fortune!

Note, however, that these two opposite orientations coincide in something: in the distance - long distance - between Man and Fortuna. In both there is, between the one who desires it and the one Desired, a long stretch to cross.

Luck is not always a matter of chance

Proximity and absence of Luck

But ... And if it were not like that? What if Fortuna, (Luck, Happiness, ...) was next to us, always, behind or next to us, at the distance of an arm?

I think so, only that I know that it is difficult to listen to her, to notice her, with the traffic noise that we generate in our lives. Such is the disorder and complexity in which we move, that we do not hear it, we do not listen to it, we do not see it, we do not attend it; so ... how can we complain that a guest is unkind to us and does not listen to us, yes, invited to our house, nor do we greet him?

Think of luck: everything that has led to other lucky men to the top, is with us. They have not been blind or deaf to His presence, they have attended it, they have listened to it, they have listened to its indications. And La Fortuna, grateful for the courtesy, for the attention and for the intense effort we have put into attending her, has responded with her favors.

We must stop the exterior and interior noise! We have to quiet rumors, worries, fantasies, manias, inutilities, etc., ... and concentrate the spirit to listen -without noise in the process of communication- the speech that Fortune has made with us. La Fortuna is blind and does not distinguish between men, but she is not deaf and she notices those who attend her conversation and those who ignore her.

Listen to her Luck

Help yourself and listen carefully to what She says. Do not despise her. And of course, do not consider that the distance you are from-remember-at the distance of an arm-makes it impossible for you to listen to what you say.And I was on Pixabay as an image of Public Domain. We both appreciate your courtesy for using your photo.

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