The Bear of H. N. Casson

The Bear of H. N. Casson

OR WHY WINTER IS GOOD FOR A MORTAL BEAR FOR A MAN (1) , is an article that a few years ago, at the beginning of the Crisis of 2007, I wrote. And now, that we are in what in Spain is a very long period of summer holidays - July and August 2016 -, it seemed appropriate to refresh that writing. With slight variations I said this (2):

Many years ago the Casson teacher wrote in his The Efficiency Magazine one of his extraordinary columns. It was titled Winterized Businesses and it started like this: - «I think I'm not wrong in saying that polar bears have a comfortable habit, because when winter comes, they get fed up, dig a hole in the snow and it sleeps a few months. Allow me to tell you that such a thing is very sensible if it is made by a white bear but it is deadly for businessmen who do the same. " (1)

The observation from Casson went to those merchants who, when winter came, decreased activity, due to seasonal causes. Those accepted the fact of the decline in sales in that period and nothing did but accompany the situation. I kept saying that we should not particularize the country where this could be happening since this situation could occur in anyone.

We add that neither the time in which this happens (ninety years ago or now) matters , because the tendency to winter while waiting for the good weather to arrive, consuming the reserves we have accumulated in the good old days, is universal. And depending on the geographical area of ​​the planet, the station does not matter either. And even in the same place and time there may be businesses of very different cycle of more/less work, in the same station.

The rest of Casson's brief column, exploited the comparison established between the bear and the man, concluding that this behavior was inadmissible for businessmen and recommended intense activity to get out of this temporary situation.

The reference column is currently very up-to-date, in Spain, in the Intermediation Sector and in these months not winters, because we find many of our businessmen adopting that behavior of the bear.

And in the Spanish real estate?

And although it is Clear that Casson did not refer to the crises that periodically shake our Spanish real estate sector, but to the slowdown in business that English merchants suffered at the time of the very harsh British winter, their recommendation of Do not let your guard down - and increase r even activity in that period-, can easily be extended to this time of real estate brokerage in Spain.

It is true that in our subsector, country and time the crisis has hit our real estate with winter harshness, but now there is data in the Market to feel somewhat hopeful. Things, today, now, are doing better than a year ago and some are already talking about a clear recovery. Others fail to take off and still some do not believe that things are still unclear. Normal in times of post-crisis.Note, that even when the extreme cold of the glaciations forced us to take refuge in them, we took advantage of our stay in them to illuminate the first manifestations of art and religious beliefs.

It is not therefore in our nature save to spend later when we can not do the first thing, but fighting for income, reducing costs and reasonable investments, at any time.

Winter when the good weather starts?

It is not in our nature to lie down to sleep all day, every day, until the good weather completely overcomes the bad, but, we sleep a little every day, for all the days to be able to enjoy the wonderful world that surrounds us.

It is not in our nature to try to obviate the external change but to attend to it and react appropriately to the ever changing demands of the environment.

It is not in our nature to wait awake until see if p roasts something, to see when and how the tide will change, but in our nature is to navigate in any sea, in any circumstance.

The fear of failure is not in a healthy nature but the understanding of success and failure as usual circumstances that often accompany and occur in a long life as we now enjoy. We must consider success and failure as diligent teachers about what works or does not work in our lives. They are both helpers of our lives if we give them the opportunity to adopt that role of instructor.

Also, I remind you that it is not in your nature to be paralyzed by fear in the face of adverse circumstances, but rather fight against them. Action against the crisis, action against immobility, action against fear ... that is a recipe for a man (or a woman) and not for a lazy bear or not.

At the end

Finally, I would like to point out that due to the design that God or Nature have followed for man, what favors the bear was not contemplated in the design rules of man. Worse still, because on the contrary, we do not even have the biological advantages that help the bear to pass hard times in a predetermined way. See how:
  • The entrepreneur who falls asleep does not wake up automatically when the weather improves, but may never wake up again.
  • The entrepreneur has not secured the reservation of fat that allows the bear to stay alive during the winter; in your case, the savings achieved in the good season may not be enough, contrary to what happens to the animal.
  • The bear can isolate itself from the fierce environment and during its wintering it hardly affects the environment, when being sheltered in an isolated osseous; however, the businessman continues to notice the fierce winter every day, day after day.

However, I do not believe that the life of a polar bear is so wonderful and I prefer mine, although this brings with it the chronic appearance of difficulties.

On the other hand, if God or Nature had wanted men to behave like bears, it would have printed in our genes those and other advantages and customs of the animal ... and we would winter like them. But it is not like that, as is evident. So, in the face of adversity, do not make the bear and act under any circumstances , accommodating, yes, to the requests that concur in each case.

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Miguel Villarroya Martín /Madrid/Spain/August 2, 2016./FrS.020/


(1) The Efficiency Magazine. An extraordinary magazine, which was very successful at the beginning of the last century, in the Saxon countries. He also had during the fifties and sixties, Spanish edition, under the title of Efficiency. It has been taken from Pixabay where it appears as an image of D.P. Thank you all for facilitating the use of the image!

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