The Wound without closing

The Wound without closing

An unclosed wound is a danger at any time. You can not live like this, with her, because no matter how small it is, you run the risk of bleeding unless you close before.

In a previous postcard I told you the story of the magic mirror (1), the one that He caused a salesman of the bunch to become an extraordinary salesman and achieve a high degree of economic prosperity. And I warned her about the need to learn from failure, and the extraordinary goodness and value of defeat to improve our subsequent performance.

Stories like that there are many and today, rummaging through my chaotic archives I have found this one. It is a new twist on the same idea, although as you will see, in this second, the seller looks at both sides of the mirror: the failure, as in the previous one, but also in the successes that he is achieving. But such is the internal similarity of the two stories that I think are the same, dressed in different clothes. Here I present this other form.

I read once, many, many years ago that another salesman, also extraordinary and of marvelous sales successes, asked him for the secret of his success. And so he was asked: - "If you had to choose what was the most powerful cause, when explaining your success as a seller, what would it be?" - Or more simply: - What is the cause that with greater How effective can explain your great success in sales? -.

In this case the response of the happy-happy-multimillionaire salesman was surprising: « In times past won some sales and lost many more ... what happens to all the new sellers. Then, most of the time, to improve my performance, I tried to know why I had lost. Although almost never, when I won, I wondered why I had succeeded. But that changed when I decided to stop "bleeding".

Before the strangeness of the journalist, the successful seller, added: « After each unsuccessful sale, I felt as if in the same they would have given me a claw and produced a bleeding wound. And it stayed like this, without closing, without healing, until he found out the cause of having lost the operation. When he succeeded, the wound closed and healed. But it remained open and bleeding forever if he could not know its causes ».

And when did he win? -The reporter asked- « Also, because I realized that even when success crowned the sale, knowing why - specifically and in detail - had won, it produced a satisfaction that was absent when I did not find out. Knowing is pleasant. Learning is stimulating . To know, it was my repairing balm both when I won and when I lost. And from that it was when, almost at the same time, I started to close sales, often each more accelerated? »

The super-millionaire seller attributed to the study After the circumstances of the sale-why he won when he triumphed and why he lost when he failed-the magical powers that had brought him to the top.

Obviously, he did not There is no magic in all this but organized rational thought. And it is much more than a story for sellers. It is a highly effective work model.

Think about it carefully: Do you do it this way? ... After each real estate sale/operation -it has ended successfully or with failure-do you stop? to know why you have obtained that result?

Here is my advice: Follow Health, constantly learning from the causes of what happens to you .

Notes :

(1) The reader would do well to reflect on this story and on the previous one Success is a blurry mirror , since they are much more than two simple "vendor stories" "

(2) The image used is taken from the site Pixabay where it appears as Public Domain: -halloween-193589/, being its author, the Danish photographer Flemming Voxtrup Petersen . We are grateful to both of you for your courtesy in allowing the free use of this image.

(3) A lighter version of this story I published years ago in the digital magazine More and Better Real Estate Sales And also in some of my previous webs; and I have told it, in one form or another, in countless sales meetings. At this time I suggest that you close your sales wounds with the only known balm for it: learn from failure and success and keep acting taking into account the knowledge derived from the subsequent examination of your sales results.

Miguel Villarroya Martín/Madrid/Spain/LdF.002//October 19, 2015

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