Two frogs splashing in a bucket of milk

Two frogs splashing in a bucket of milk
The two frogs and their different reaction to the same misfortune

Two small frogs (1) fell into a large bucket containing cream. And, already inside him, they had, with the help of their webbed feet, to splash firmly to stay afloat.

But in a moment later, one of them got tired, stopped splashing, believing that every effort to survive in those circumstances was useless, and, with a final sigh, sank "to the rest" of the bottom. (2)

The other instead was clapping all night struggling to stay afloat, -Batting the milk- and the dawn found it perched on a small island of butter.

Later, attracted by the smell, hurrying towards that appetizing islet, some flies came to finally serve as food and be devoured by the spirited frog.

And in the morning, the milkmaid who came to pick up the bucket of cream, seeing the two frogs, scared and screaming, accidentally overturned the bucket. Occasion, who took advantage of the frog that had not conformed and had continued fighting, to get away quickly.

La Moraleja that, to the story of the two frogs, wrote H.N. Casson, was: The success will appear in the most hurried moments if we know how to keep rowing instead of giving up. (3)

Miguel Villarroya Martín /Madrid/Spain/April 13, 2016/

Notes :

(1) H. N. Casson received this story, in verse, from a reader of his Efficiency magazine , in the inter-war period of the last century. Casson published it in prose adding a sensational moral.

(2) Meditate the reader on the expression: " sink to the bottom rest " and its consequences, will serve to continue splashing-fighting-in this fierce environment in which we are. Notice, how, accepting the bottom rest, only sinks and drowns us. So keep splashing!

(3) That has been said in countless ways-remember for example, the poem Do not abandon it , that verse that says: When everything seems worse is when, precisely, we should not abandon or one of the many sentences of the HN itself Casson on the same subject : Keep rowing, it was the last few strokes that managed to win the regatta! - but you have to repeat it many more times, because it is very easy to forget.

For my part I refer you to our recent article: Tamerlane and the Ant , whose protagonist is not the legendary Uzbek warrior, but the Tenacity that he learned from a tiny ant.

(4) The image of the two frogs is a composition of the original of the English photographer Keja . And it was in Pixabay as an image in Public Domain. To both, we appreciate the free use of the original.

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