What I do not see in the mirror

What I do not see in the mirror

What I do not see in the mirror when I look at it is something different from my image. This is really reflected in him, how could it be otherwise. But sometimes, in doing so, I remember the magic mirror of that American millionaire who had the luck to own it. Do you remember it? (1)

I have told you in some other of these postcards. It was the mirror whose magic was to return an image, clear or blurry, of the millionaire when he looked out at him, after having achieved or lost a sale. The magic was that the mirror, depending on whether or not the millionaire knew the causes why he had won or lost an operation or business, returned a different image in each case: his image appeared clear when he knew the causes, or Blurred when ignoring the causes of its success or failure.

What I do not see in the mirror

How many times have I wanted to have such a mirror! A mirror that showed me, when I have not been:

1 Accurate enough in my purpose, acting instead on a thousand different fronts ... What has made me achieve things I did not intend to achieve and lost others, after which I did, for lack of clarity of purpose, of purpose.

2 Persistent enough in what I was pursuing ... and that I have not achieved for lack of tenacity .

3 Brave enough to defend a just cause ... and from which I came out blushed by my lack of courage.

4 Good enough to act on behalf of others who needed my help ... and whom I left alone for my lack of charity .

5 Skillful enough to have walked between my peers, without having achieved what I was looking for ... precisely, for my clumsiness in the management of my personal relationships.

6 Enough fun p so that in dealing with men and situations, joy, joy and well-being would have been another of the "products" that I sell ... for lack of sympathy towards others.

7 Wise enough to have achieved higher and more profitable goals than those I have achieved ... precisely because of my lack of specialized knowledge.

8 The necessarily fast , that the circumstances required, to have arrived in time to obtain them ... due to my laziness and slowness in my response to the opportunities that I was detecting.

9 I decided that I should have been in the pursuit of my projects and the paralysis of many of them for having much procrastinated their beginning or having doubted at some point in their process.

10 Enough clear as to despise the future and not have stayed in the present, fighting for the current reality and everyday. ong>

11 How stupidly blind I have been, not returning the love received from the people who love me. And with some of which I can not pay that debt already.

12 ... I did not want to continue, the answer is enough to know why I do not occupy the position I wanted In the beginning: I despised the present for an image of the future that was never completed. And I was exhausted on the track running after a rabbit that was never close enough to realize that it was not real but rag.

Your mirror:

This is what happens to me, but ... How is the image reflected in the mirror of your house, when you look at it? Think about it in the light of what has been said here.

But do not worry if your image is also blurred, because while we are alive we can clean the glass and leave it shiny and clear.Your business name? ... It's called NOW.

Follow health, and this time, appreciate more your present than what will come!

Miguel Villarroya Martín, June 21 of 2016/Madrid. Spain/LdF.019/ventasgrandes.net


(1) I published it here, on this website, under the title: Failure is a mirror fuzzy, magical. Now I add the reference of the original story, that when I wrote it I could not remember. The author of this story and of the twin, Wound Without Closing , is John MACDONALD , can be found on p. 136 of his work: Strategies that make sell. Editorial HispanoEuropea.

(2) This text was published a few years ago - more briefly - in number 21 (May 2008), of my magazine Más y Mejores Ventas Inmobiliarias .

(3) The image used here is from the South African illustrator Dari Oberholster . And it was in Pixabay as a public domain image. We both appreciate your courtesy for the use of your image.

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